About us

The company was founded in 1989. Since the beginning is engaged to the manufacture of women's clothing and accessories, both inown or external workshops, originally under the name "Elisa Cortés" and, since 2003 with the second mark "Low Tide ". "It is remarkable that all products have always been manufactured in Spain.

From 2000, the company, already consolidated in the domestic market, expanding its geographical scope to the international market.

Elisa Cortés comes to dressing a modern woman aiming to feel comfortable and elegant. Continue a line and a readily identifiable style using standards, designs and fabrics that suit the current and urban women.

More than 25 years support our trajectory. We work with workshops nearby, with spanish suppliers and own sales network. The collections always reflect the craftsmanship, quality and orientation to women, our main client, so she is fully satisfied and keep in her closet the style Elisa Cortés.

Our facilities are located in Jerez de la Frontera, a city from which have been growing in the domestic market first, and later internationally, in countries like Italy, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, England, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg and Cambodia.


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